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Packaged Wastewater Treatment plant
Release time:2019-07-04

The integrated sewage treatment equipment is a device that integrates the anaerobic tank, the anaerobic tank, the aerobic tank, the sedimentation tank, the disinfection tank and the sludge tank. The contact oxidation method and the activated sludge method are effectively combined to make it have two The advantages of the person and overcome the shortcomings of both, so that the level of sewage treatment is further improved.
Biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal.Can be installed on the ground, can also be buried in the ground,  use of underwater air blower, low noise;No need to build a separate equipment room, small area;Automatic control, simple operation.
it is suitable for urban residential, tourist resort, villa, training base, commercial center, hotel, hospital, army, school and rural sewage treatment.It can also be applied to ocean catchers, warships, aircraft carriers and offshore drilling platforms.The treated water can be recycled.

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